One-on-One Tutoring for Adults
One-on-One Tutoring for Adults provides the additional help adults may require in order to achieve their educational goals. 
Tutors and materials are provided at no cost for adults who are learning to read, earning an Indiana High School Equivalency Diploma, or learning English as a second language (ESL).  
KLS works in cooperation with Warsaw Adult Education, located at Ivy Tech in Warsaw, to provide this service.  
Workplace Literacy Classes
In partnership with area companies, KLS can provide on-site instruction to employees who want to learn English or want to improve their grammar and writing skills. 
Kosciusko Literacy Services Defining Statements
Value Statement:  Kosciusko Literacy Services believes that the ability to read, write, and speak English is the key to increased educational levels, economic stability, overall health and safety, and a sense of community for all residents of the county. 
Mission Statement:  The mission of the Kosciusko Literacy Services is to increase the literacy levels of all citizens of the community by implementing innovative and comprehensive programs using a collaborative effort from the community; increasing public awareness of literacy issues facing adults, children, and families; and providing trained volunteer tutors for the adult students.
Vision Statement:  By collaborating with other educational initiatives, Kosciusko Literacy Services envisions making Kosciusko County the Education Capital of Indiana.
Kosciusko Literacy Services Programs
The cycle of poverty and illiteracy needs to be broken. Education is the best defense against poverty, and literacy is the foundation of all education.
Literacy is the fundamental cornerstone of personal and societal freedom, liberty, and opportunity. 
What is Literacy
National Literacy Act’s definition of literacy is, “an individual’s ability to read, write, and speak in English, and to compute and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job and in society, and to achieve one’s goals and to develop one’s knowledge and potential.”
This definition illustrates the importance of literacy’s impact on society.
Plant the Seed—Read! Community Book Read
The goals of the community book read are
to promote a sense of community,
  • to illustrate many of the 40 Developmental Assets,
  • to promote reading for pleasure,
  • to promote a love of literature,
  • to increase literacy awareness in the county, and
  • to promote life-long learning. 
Books are placed in bright yellow bins throughout the county, with signs inviting community members to join the community book read, share the book with a friend, and return the book to the bin so that someone else may read it. 
Readers are encouraged to join scheduled book read activities and discuss the book and the 40 Developmental Assets, as defined by the Search Institute, in formal and informal settings. 
Reading Won’t Wait
The goal of Reading Won’t Wait is to provide children’s books in places where parents have time to read to their child.
Reading Won’t Wait places good, used children’s books in waiting rooms, public laundries, and common areas of housing communities.
Reading to children has lifelong benefits.
Baby’s First Book
The goal of Baby’s First Book is to emphasize the value of reading to children during the first five years of life. 
In conjunction with the Warsaw Community Public Library, this program provides an ABC board book along with early childhood literacy information and local library information to families of each child born at Kosciusko Community Hospital. 











































































Read to Grow Children's Book Club
The goal of Read to Grow Children's Book Club is to have children enter kindergarten with the necessary pre-literacy skills and brain development.
Read to Grow Children's Book Club provides one free book a month to children, from birth to age five, who are living at or below the 150% of the poverty level. 
Parents are encouraged to read regularly to their child.  Regular reading to children promotes proper brain development during the prime time for learning literacy skills, the first five years of life.